Palladium Group presents The District of the Future

Quartiere Giardino “Living Smart”: a pilot project

Enhancing urban areas by making them smart is an operation that, rightfully, can be considered the engine for improving the living conditions of citizens. The intervention in Brownfield will be carried out inside the Quartiere Giardino in Cesano Boscone, an existing area that will be transformed into a smart urban ecosystem. The housing complex consists of 1.500 apartments for a total of about 5.000 inhabitants and is destined to become a real pilot project.

From the end of 2017 there will be: free WiFi areas, bookcrossing, object library, urban gardens, intelligent lighting system, fun theory and gymnastic equipment that produce energy.

Palladium Group has chosen Planet Idea as a competence center for the ‘smart’ development of the Quartiere Giardino.


On monday 11 December at 18.00, at the Sala delle Carrozze in Cesano Boscone, there will be a meeting organized by Palladium Group with the Municipality of Cesano Boscone, in collaboration with Carbotermo and Planet.

If you would like to attend the meeting, please contact: The Round Table
Tel. 02 83422584 –