Quartiere Giardino – Vivere Smart hosted a thesis project in Sound Engineering.

On November 16th, Mr. Giorgio Giovine, together with his classmate Giandomenico Zaurito, made acoustic measurements in the common areas for his thesis project. These surveys were used to evaluate the possible installation of an interactive bench equipped with an audio system.

The project, called “Panchina Parlante”, is tailor-made for Smart Cities with the aim of creating a new place for listening and sharing music.

During his study, Giorgio detected the environmental noise for a whole day, in order to know its absolute value and its variation in the different time slots of the day. Subsequently he installed the first prototype of the project in order to play some songs and, again with the help of a measurement microphone, he found the noise impact of such a system in the context of installation.

Palladium Group has made available the spaces of Quartiere Giardino – Vivere Smart in order to foster the study of equipment suitable to the needs of an increasingly interested and connected community.