Palladium Deutschland

palladium deutschland

Methfesselstraße 50 – Berlin, Germany

Palladium Deutschland, Inc. is the holding company for all Palladium Group assets in Germany. Palladium Deutschland was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.
Palladium Deutschland has established itself as a multifamily market leader in the Berlin area with expansion planned into other markets.
Palladium seeks quality developments or redevelopment opportunities within its target markets. The firm prefers value-added and complex transactions that traditionally have a high barrier to entry. The company’s staff is capable of building any type or size project and can take a project through all phases including conceptual selection, site planning, design, costing, construction, lease-up, management, and unit sales.
Palladium Deutschland believes that success can be achieved as a result of the most careful attention to even the smallest of details. The company prefers to execute a smaller number of large projects so the proper time and attention can be devoted according to the operating principles:

  • Deliver the highest possible value to shareholders and partners by following eight key principles:
  • Maintain a clear commitment to integrity and strong corporate values;
  • Incorporate capital and risk management procedures from conception to completion;
  • Make focused and disciplined decisions;
  • Provide clear and frequent communication to shareholders, partners, lenders and others;
  • Create value for the residents which will create value for our shareholders and partners;
  • Create outstanding designs, maximize long term value and incorporate key elements necessary for operational productivity and success;
  • Enhance investment returns by utilizing efficient technology and cost containment principals;
  • Provide careful, diligent and intensive supervision through all phases of design, construction, lease-up and management.

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