Mission and Strategic Perspective

missionInternationalization, understood as respect for Territory – its listening, its interpretation, in the spirit of service – is the second inspiring principle: working in harmony with culture and local needs, thanks to mixed, multicultural teams, where the main actors are employees from the countries where we operate.

Similarly, even the architectural style of Palladium varies each time, in harmony with the Project which interprets the local culture: Architects are at the service of the Project, and not vice versa.

Palladium Group Partners are all employees and the various stakeholders who work on our projects, according to a logic by which the management is ‘horizontal’ – every local team has an its own autonomy – and this system of relationships creates a valuable and effective synergy by configuring a neural network for sharing reciprocal skills.

Lastly, the relationship with Culture and Arts. We are bound to Arts and Artists, by the pleasure of creating something useful, and the same desire to withstand the test of time. In another section we explore how ‘beautiful and useful’ are both essential dimensions for our work.