Palladium Italy

palladium italy

via Crocefisso, Milan, Italy

Palladium Italy – real estate development companies on the Italian territory for Palladium Group – provides expertise, international credibility and standing presence in the domestic market, thanks to the strong awareness and know-how of local management.
Palladium Italy plays the typical activities of a real-estate company through focused business units, covering all the main functions of real estate: from the identification of acquisition of the business, by defining the concept of urban co-ordination for architectural design, economic feasibility study for installation of the financial structure, from project management to the management of contracts, analysis of market exploitation and marketing of each development unit.
Palladium Italy promotes and develops real estate projects of prestige and importance either alone or in partnership with institutional and private investors.
In the specific:

  • Property Development
  • Investment & Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Technical Supervision
  • Financial Management

As a promoter of major operations in property development and redevelopment planning, operations Palladium Italy ranges from purely residential high sustainability projects to use as office / commercial, marketing and logistics.
Our mission is to build on through the proper vision and management of development investment property transaction qualifying and qualified

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