Palladium Netherland

palladium netherland

Duinweg 25 – Den Haag, The Netherlands

Palladium Nederland is the holding company for all Palladium Group assets in the Netherlands and headquartered in The Hague. Palladium Nederland is specialized in expat-apartments and retail units in various stately monuments in the city centre of The Hague.
Palladium seeks quality developments or redevelopment opportunities within its target markets. The firm prefers value-added and complex transactions that traditionally have a high barrier to entry. The company’s staff is capable of building any type or size project and can take a project through all phases including conceptual selection, site planning, design, costing, construction, lease-up, management, and sales.
Palladium Nederland believes that success can be achieved as a result of the most careful attention to even the smallest of details. The company prefers to execute a smaller number of large projects so the proper time and attention can be devoted according to the operating principles.



Palladium Nederland’s Operating Principles:

  • Deliver the highest possible value to shareholders and partners by following key principles
  • Maintain a clear commitment to integrity and strong corporate values;
  • Incorporate capital and risk management procedures from conception to completion;
  • Make focused and disciplined decisions;
  • Provide clear and frequent communication to shareholders, partners, lenders and others;
  • Create outstanding designs, maximize long term value and incorporate key elements necessary for operational productivity and success;
  • Enhance investment returns by utilizing efficient technology and cost containment principals;
  • Provide careful, diligent and intensive supervision through all phases of design, construction, lease-up and management

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