Launch of Palladium Fund 1870 Management

Palladium Fund 1870 Management S.C.A. Sicav Sif is a SIF platform with one Sub Fund. The objective of the Palladium Fund I (the “Sub Fund”) is to generate a stable and robust returns for its Shareholders. To obtain this the Sub Fund will invest at least two thirds of its assets in a portfolio of freehold and long leasehold properties mainly in North America and focus on investing in residential and mixed use assets although investments in commercial assets may also be considered.

Our Strategic Pillars

  • stable income generating steady and sustainable positive cash flows;
  • high potential underlying assets, achieving along the investment lifecycle contextual capital protection and overall net asset value growth;
  • inflation indexed yields, granted by transparent contractual conditions applied within the renting agreements in place for the targeted real estate assets and;
  • yields with either no or very limited correlation with market cycles and macro economic events.

Service Providers Of The Fund

    Banque_de_LuxembourgBanque de Luxembourg (“BdL”). BdL has been in the private banking business since 1920 and is a leading bank in Europe, especially in Luxembourg and Belgium. The depositary is responsible for the oversight function in respect to investor protection, by means of performing duties on cash flow monitoring, oversight and ownership verification + recordkeeping.


    Maitland_logoMaitland Luxembourg S.A. (“Maitland”). Maitland is a global advisory, administration and family office firm providing seamless legal, fiduciary, investment and fund administration services to private, corporate and institutional clients across multiple jurisdictions. The administrator has a delegated task from the AIFM to perform the administration of the fund. The responsibility of the administrator are, among others, ensuring correct bookkeeping, calculating the NAV and preparing investor reporting.


  • AIFM
    SepectraSELECTRA Management Company S.A. (“Selectra). Selectra is an independent regulated company for the creation, management and distribution of UCITS and alternative investment funds (AIFs) dedicated to European and non-European promoters (ref law of 17 December 2010 relating to UCIs and to law of 12 July 2013 relating to AIFMs). The AIFM is in charge of Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Reporting.


    DeloitteDeloitte Luxembourg (“Deloitte”). Deloitte is the appointed auditor of the Fund, in charge to prepare the financial statements in accordance with the defined standards.



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