Palladium Group presented the innovative systems to increase the value of real estate assets.

Cannes – Mipim, 15 March 2019 – Palladium Group presented within the Conference “SMART REAL ESTATE! Increasing the value of Real Estate Assets ”- together with its partners Daniele Russolillo, Deputy CEO Planet Idea and Regina De Albertis, Technical Director and Board Member of Borio Mangiarotti – in the presence of Pierfrancesco Maran, Councilor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Milan – the innovative systems to increase the value of real estate resources by applying smart solutions in brownfield and greenfield projects.

Riccardo Tagliabue, Head of Real Estate Development in Italy for Palladium Group illustrates the first smart project in Brownfield realized in Italy and states: “Quartiere Giardino – Vivere Smart, realized with Planet idea in Cesano Boscone (MI) is the first redevelopment project of an existing neighborhood that has adopted 9 integrated smart solutions that can be managed through a District App for Android and Ios systems. We have thus improved the quality of life of the inhabitants, creating a spirit of community that did not exist before, which also saw the return of old tenants and a greater degree of satisfaction and integration “.

Daniele Russolillo, Deputy CEO Planet Idea said: “The international real estate trends confirm that services are becoming much more important than spaces and in this context digital transformation plays a key role. Yesterday Planet launched the PLANET SMARTCHAIN pilot project which, in collaboration with the Swiss partner One Step Beyond, enriches Planet’s digital platform with new features that will guarantee trust and transparency in transactions in cases such as: fidelity programs for neighborhood activities, management of contracts or acquisition of goods and services through our neighborhood app “.

Regina De Albertis, Technical Director and Board Member of Borio Mangiarotti presents the innovative project in Greenfield SeiMilano –, a new neighborhood under construction in the Lombard capital – says: “We are pleased to present in an international preview at Mipim, the SeiMilano project, where attention to innovative services and smart solutions will make it possible to live the new district by creating a community of people with a strong sense of belonging to the place. Technology is a fundamental enabling factor to confirm all the values of the original project concept. The real challenge – which we are facing with Planet Idea – will be governance for the management of smart neighborhood services in the medium and long term ”.

Pierfrancesco Maran, Councilor for Urban Planning, Municipality of Milan contextualized these interventions in the contemporary and future vision of Milan: “Our city expects an increase in population in the coming years and does not have an adequate housing offer. Both the SeiMilano project, which I know personally for having given the necessary authorizations, and Quartiere Giardino – vivere smart from Palladium Group, go in the right direction: to help develop the growth of the city, offering leased and acquired living spaces in connection areas with the city center and equipped with smart digital services capable of creating a community spirit in a faster and more effective time. Projects that are in tune with the planned investment of 1.6 billion euros to grow and improve the quality of life in areas outside the historic center “.

Among other topics, Daniele Russolillo has updated on the progress of the first Smart City for the Affordable Housing in the world, Smart City Laguna built in Brazil which includes 6,000 housing units on 330 hectares of land, in São Gonçalo do Amarante, Cearà, 50 km from Fortaleza and can accommodate up to 25,000 inhabitants. In these days the keys of the first apartment were handed over to the first family who took possession of a 65 square meter apartment at a cost of 27,000 euros.